Throughout the year in Asheville, NC you can find Andrew Montrie working to the rhythmic whir of his wheel as he transforms the clay beneath his fingertips into works of art to be enjoyed by everyone. Andrew’s love of the craft began in a small round studio at Glen Echo national park in Maryland more then twenty five years ago. Although he has a degree in economics he continues taking classes and pursuing developing his own studio. Andrew has been making pottery professionally for more then 15 years. Andrew’s work is characterized by a neo-classical design. He uses a combination of Eastern and Western throwing styles to create functional ware that can be enjoyed in many capacities. Often twisting , pinching and stretching his forms Andrew adds a uniquely hand made quality. His philosophy of pottery has developed, like many potters, out of the quiet isolation in the studio. He throws because all things originate from the earth. Starting from the source makes him feel more connected. He creates each piece in the hope of continuing that connection with an owner who will appreciate the qualities of hand crafted pottery. When Andrew isn’t making pottery he can be found playing the banjo with several local groups. He also enjoys exploring Western North Carolina by backpacking and camping and biking.